htc m7 price, features and specifications

The latest rumor in the market among the products from Taiwan-based firm would be the HTC M7 which will have astonishing feature.It is expected to be have competitive product against the Samsung Galaxy S4.Its other features will be released soon.


  1. HTC M7 will be having HD display of 5 inches, HTC smartphone could possible sport a Qualcomm APQ8064 quad core processor.
  2. It is expected to be same as the one currently on the DROID DNA.
  3. It is supposed to come equipped with  13MP camera.
  4. HTC M7 outer shell is of aluminum which makes it more durable.
  5. During Mobile World Congress HTC unveils its new products.
  6. HTC is planning to launch on unveiling the phone before Samsung has a chance to launch their rumored Galaxy S IV.
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